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SummarY about The Late OF NASIR ALI

Simple Summary in english vers

Malaysian – Nasir Ali, an actor, leader Of Group Teater Artis Kreatif (Gerak) in area 80- he died on 31 october 2008 at age 55 in his apartment in Cheras because due complications from diabetes. he died around 3.45am witness by his third daughter and his lovely wife . before he died he open his eyes and watch his daughter and wife he drop his tear and die like a sleep his third daughter have been do CPR and it help him breathe again but a few minute after that, he died with peace.The late nasir ali has leave his wife his wife Kadariyah ; his daughter mawar shahienas, 30, lely Shafienas, 28, Ilya Shazanazs, 25,Ieliyanas Shahtznas, 18,son in law alex iskandar wilson(mawar husband)and two grandchildren Mikail and Adam

.The actor was born January 17, 1953, in Taiping Perak. Having 3 siblings Saiful Akmar Ali,prof Soraya Ali and Shamsul Kamal ali.

"i admire his spirit he always do the best even he sick on set but when director say ACTION he act like he never sick i m so admirer him it hard to find an actor like him"said the fadhil dhani,the actor “He was a wonderful man and a good actor, and he been slave his life on act,” said Rosyam,the actor and the one who direct “kepadamu Kekasih” was last drama staring late nasir ali .The late nasir ali have been act since year 1972 his 1st film is Paper tiger direct by David Niven. And till end.Now its about more 200 and film he act.the actor hve been nominee twice on anugerah angkasa as a best actor

On theater just mention his name everyone Know WHO IS NASIR ALI. The great theater activist.the great mentor coz mostly his student is success on theater,drama,film coz they always practical what their mentor teach now even Nasir Ali gone his spirit always on his student heart.they will carry on the spirit that nasir ali have it.

Nasir ali the man who can role any part in film,just give it the role n he will prove he can gve what u want .he can make u laugh,sad and evil .just give his any role 100 percent he can do it coz he is talented and so awesome. nasir ali is a great and multiplay artist in Malaysia.just check out his film or drama like Mekanik,Rentak Desa,Ujang,hingga hujung nyawa,jutawan fakir,senario the movie,alahai anak omak,ee..hantu and more an drama meniti senja,pendekar kundur,dinasti bilut,bulan mengambang pak ngah balik,besi buruk,camar, and too much to say he act and direct till end.

(some of friend at seatle ask me why this man don’t get what shah rukh khan get or Michlle yeoh or like Hollywood did.i just say well jesse this is Malaysia ,u want something u must kiss them 1st even u don’t know how to act it ok as long u got a cute face .)

Nasir Ali finishes his study at National Institute Of Dramatic Art, Sydney, Australia and on there he is active student, he hve been acting on theater and direct too (jebat in English version, Orliana, The Three Sister, Mac Back)

Back to malaysia.
He continue what his learn and teach his student what he know.

his winning an director award and actor. he never stop direct and acting his spirit so strong just look his theatre li ke Pran(1987), Konvensyen Gila (1992,1999), Bus Stop (1994).Orang-Orang Kecil (2003) Ledak kebangkitan and more the last is PETUA PERKAHWINAN he die before he finished his last theater unfortunely till end his life he really hope someday he will direct his theater on ISTANA BUDAYA STAGE.(but this Malaysia u want something just go kiss them ok!)

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